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[EVENT] Malangdo Fishing Festival


These days, a strange and faint music can be heard in Alberta, it seems to be coming from an island in the distance. After some investigations, cats from ...


[MAJ] Level expansion: 175/60


You have already reached the level 150 and the peak of your skills? It's time to go beyond. The Base level of all Third Class characters has been increased to ...


[INFO] Monster Cards Collection Special Promotion !!


Dear Adventurers, For this week-end, the Gravity Europe team decided to make you a gift. Currently, you receive Monster Cards Collection game cards related ...


[EVENT] Spring Monster Cards Collection Game's Release!


The Ragnarök Online Team is proud to announce its "Monster Cards Collection" Game's release. The « Monster Card Album » game on www.ragnarokeurope.com will ...

[MAJ] Maintenance 12/05/2016

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - End of the event: Blow Up Your Bubble Gums! - New Event: Malangdo Fishing Festival - Bugs fixed with Dice Hat and Beast Summoning Seal Book - 150+ ...

2016-05-12 | Read more

[INFO] More cards, More chance to get lucky!

On Wednesday, May 4th 2016 at 04:00pm until Monday, May 9th 2016 at 10:00 am, we are happy to offer you more cards everytime you'll buy Karats! Pack 350 Karats: 1 Card Pack 500 Karats: 2 Cards Pack 750 Karats: 3 Cards Pack 1050 Karats: 5 Cards Pack ...

2016-05-04 | Read more

[INFO] Exceptional Maintenance 03/05/2016

Adventurers, The Rune-Midgard kingdom shall exceptionally and temporarily close its doors for purposes of maintenance. As such, servers will be unavailable on Tuesday, May 3rd 2016 for few hours.

2016-05-02 | Read more

[EVENT] Blow up your Bubble Gums!

From 28/04/16 to 03/05/16, the effects of the Bubble Gum Light, Sweet and Low will be doubled! Indeed, you can obtain much more experience by killing the monsters of Rune Midgard only thanks to the double effect of the Bubble Gums! Moreover, if you ...

2016-04-28 | Read more

[MAJ] Maintenance 28/04/2016

Have been updated with this maintenance: - Kafra Operations - Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town - New Event: Blow Up Your Bubble Gums! - Clicking the "View" button on new cards doesn't cause an error anymore - Some items descriptions are now ...

2016-04-28 | Read more

[EVENT] Blessing Blossoms

Spring is back, and along with it, trees have started to blossom, giving Prontera an amazing and lovely pink color! It may be the opportunity to see if one of the most ancient legends of Amatsu is a reality or a myth: it is said that these cherry ...

2016-04-21 | Read more

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